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Leveraging Our Collective Power

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

During the sixth episode of "Can you hear us now?" Black women in the workplace, we sat down Dr. Michelle Reid and Dr. Candice Ulmer to discuss how Black women can leverage their collective power to inspire change in their organizational climate.

Collective power concerns the capacity of a group to realize its common goals; it is the combination of organization, cooperation, morale, and technology that allows one group or nation to grow and prosper while another one falters.

The sixth part of the series will focus on leveraging the collective power of black women. The nation got to witness just how impactful the collective power of Black women is during our most recent election. Black women rallied together and came out in historic proportions to help seal the deal in electing President Elect Joe Biden and Madam Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. This same power transitions into the workplace so today we want to shine light on just how impactful we can be collectively.

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